2020 Reopening Plan

EdwardsThis school year will be different as we look at this time through the lens of a pandemic. Still, the excitement remains and the preparations are underway. As Montessorians, we are approaching this work by thinking first of the child. We are holding tight to the critical elements of Montessori education and getting creative about implementation. We are reimagining our physical space, keeping physical distancing in mind, and also expanding our concept of the prepared environment to include the outdoors and home environments.

2020-2021 Reopening Plan

Reopening Plan FAQs

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We have created plans that will provide a safe and nurturing environment for children returning to in-person instruction while also offering an integrated option for children learning from home. The Distance Learning Task Force has been collaborating with Jesse Roberts and his tech squad to outfit each classroom with mobile technology learning carts, designed specifically to align with the way Montessori teachers teach and Montessori students learn. This technology will facilitate meaningful connections between the students and teachers in the classroom and the students at home. Families opting for the distance learning model can expect the school day will be a combination of synchronous learning (live-streamed lessons, class meetings, group work, and time to socialize), and asynchronous independent work. This dual model will also provide continuity of learning for children that need to be home for a period of time due to illness or quarantine restrictions. More details about this option will be shared in the coming weeks.

In partnership,
Michelle Edwards

Head of School