bldg 2015 smallerWoodland Hill Montessori School is a vibrant school well known for its unique and challenging educational program, warm stimulating environment, and joyful students who are active, independent learners. At Woodland Hill, each child is regarded with profound respect and care. Our students experience intellectual and academic success while developing independence, confidence, and a greater awareness of the global issues they will confront as citizens of the 21st century.

All of our students, even our youngest children, have enriched experiences in algebra, geometry, geography, astronomy, botany, zoology, economics, world cultures, history, physical education, fine arts and Spanish. The Montessori approach is internationally renowned for the development of each child’s creativity, individual resourcefulness and potential.

All of our classrooms share a deep commitment to the Montessori Method and at each level our program is carefully constructed around the developmental stages of the child.

The Montessori curriculum varies at the four levels of our school, but the goals are consistent throughout the programs:

  • To enter into a partnership with parents in the education of their children
  • To encourage the self-motivation and self-discipline that will lead to a lifelong pursuit of knowledge
  • To lead children to mastery of precisely identified intellectual, social, and physical skills
  • To help children develop a positive self-image as the key to the development of their full potential
  • To foster open minds, compassion, and respect for others
  • To balance self-reliance, independence, and responsible freedom with the skills of working cooperatively
  • To instill in each child a sense of duty and personal responsibility for the world in which we live
  • To spark imagination, wonder, humor, and joy in our children