Beyond WHMS

On Friday, June 18 2021, we graduated 17 8th graders.


WHMS2021 296

The 2021 graduates are attending:

The Albany Academies

Bethlehem High School

Darrow School

Emma Willard School

Guilderland High School

LaSalle Insititute 

Manhattan School of Music Precollege

Maple Hill High School

Shaker High School

Tech Valley High School


Our students have successfully transitioned to the following programs over the past five years: Emma Willard School, Bethlehem Central High School, Columbia High School, Shaker High School, LaSalle Institute, Christian Brothers Academy, Chatham High, Albany High School, Albany Academies, Doane Stuart and Darrow School.

“Our child flourished at Woodland Hill, building both the academic and social skills she needs to be a life long learner. She has great problem solving skills, is a fountain of knowledge on a wide variety of topics and is a kind, thoughtful friend. We couldn’t have picked a better start or school for our child. Thank you.”

Public school, former parent