The WHMS Fund

There are many ways you can help support the mission of Woodland Hill Montessori School. One option is a donation to the WHMS Fund.

boysThis year, the WHMS Fund:  Supporting Equity & Hope will provide assistance with operational expenditures related to JEDI education including faculty workshops and ABAR training; parent education programs; Library, classroom, and curriculum materials; guest speakers; and program work associated with our JEDI consultant, Nishant Mehta.  Your support demonstrates your belief in our shared values and your commitment to a better, more sustainable world. 

Through our work in JEDI, we will grow in wisdom and develop tools to act responsibly through honest dialogue.  By listening to, considering, and embracing different points of view, we will understand and include vital perspectives in all that we do.  We, in turn, will be strengthened with new experiences and opportunities that truly make a difference for all members of our community.

2021-2022 WHMS Fund Brochure

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