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WHMS Specials: At Woodland Hill Montessori School the arts, languages, and physical education program helps to create a whole child. A child is not only developing academic skills or skills necessary to be a painter, basketball player, violinist, woodworker, or translator, but also the skills that are necessary for a community to thrive. The skills taught by the “specials” are numerous: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, care for others, and citizenship. The specials help students to imagine, reflect, collaborate, persevere, lead, and display grit. Our arts, languages, and physical education program provides an opportunity for students to hone how they develop ideas, communicate those ideas, and engage a larger community.

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Note: NYSED requires a physical exam for new entrants and students in Grades Pre-K or K, 1, 3, 5, and 7; annually for interscholastic sports, and working papers as needed; or as required by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) or Committee on Pre-School Special education (CPSE).

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